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Why a web app? Pandora on your blog…

August 29, 2005

Good old Robert Scoble raises the question of why Pandora is a web app and not a rich client. This is something we gave a great deal of thought to and I think in the end we have some really great reasons for wanting to be a web app. First, there are a lot of thick client music applications (iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody) so that’s pretty well traveled ground. There aren’t so many web based applications that have really nailed a listening-centric music application. It’s always more interesting to try something new, to go left when everyone else goes right. But it’s much more than that. For a little taste, look in the sidebar on my blog (those of you in an aggregator will have to stop by — see the stations? The little form to create your own station? We think it’s really fun that folks will be able to throw this kind of thing onto their blog or homepage, share stations via email and know that the people that encounter the links won’t have to install a thing. Just one click and they’re listening. That’s powerful, and much too appealing an opportunity to pass up.

I’ll post again later this week about how to link to Pandora directly; for now feel free to pick apart the meager HTML I slapped together tonight for my sidebar. This stuff is pretty basic right now; stay tuned – you haven’t seen anything yet.

Pandora Launch: 8/29/2005

August 29, 2005

We’ve launched Pandora… we had a great preview release and we’ve been able to take feedback from the thousands of people that have been listening for the last month and improve the service in some pretty substantial ways. I can’t wait for you to see the new Pandora — I hope you’ll stop by to check it out.

PS: I just have to say a word of thanks to the hundreds of people that have blogged about us in the past few weeks. It’s incredibly gratifying to be let into your thoughts on what we’ve created. I’ve been keeping a feed of it all (good, bad, ugly) on If you’re curious about this Pandora thing, don’t listen to me, have a look at what others are saying:

Pandora and OpenLaszlo

August 29, 2005

Our just-now-launched music discovery service, Pandora, is an OpenLaszlo application. It wouldn’t be fair to finish up our launch without a tip of the hat to the amazing Laszlo team and open source community.

Eight months ago when we sat down to figure out how were were going to deliver a compelling zero-install discovery and listening experience across Windows, Mac, and Linux in record time we considered everything you can imagine: plain old HTML, AJAX, Flex, OpenLaszlo to name just a few. In the end, Laszlo was the clear winner on all fronts. Mature, reliable, and the perfect tool for the job. This outcome was only remarkable in that the decision was made by some of the most capable AJAX developers on the planet. I’ll have more to say about Laszlo in another post, but for now I just want to publicly say thanks to the great team at Lazslo. Pandora wouldn’t be Pandora without you. (Tags: , , )


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